Barcode Organizer


An all-in-one application allows you to MAKE, SCAN and PRINT barcodes and QR codes directly from your smartphone, obtaining professional results for a complete and reliable management system for your products.

Create a list of items and generate a barcode or QR code for each one. Exactly! You will be able to create your own warehouse, sorted and cataloged like items are in a supermarket!
You can scan your products directly with your smartphones camera!
By using the SCAN function you will see all the product details that you previously entered!
Print out your own barcodes, choosing the print format and size, directly on label paper! Great! Now you can stick the barcodes on your items!

Use Code Organizer and you will no longer need long paper or digital lists to consult to find your items. Just get grab of your smartphone!

What are you waiting for? Download Barcode Organizer available on the Google Play Store and start using the following features:

Create a personal list of items and make a barcode for them
Print your own barcode and apply it directly onto your real product
Scan your barcode and see all the items’ details you have in your inventory

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